Credit Insurance

A comprehensive line of credit insurance to protect businesses from non-payment by customers..


What is Credit Insurance?

Print, advertising, media and marketing businesses are more susceptible than most to bad debt. Work is often done long before payment is due. Space and time have to be booked in advance. Insurers have wide experience of this service sector. Print, advertising, design, PR or web development, we understand the business and know how quickly the fundamentals are changing as the whole industry evolves.

Credit insurance is designed to protect businesses from non-payment by customers, with cover provided in approximately 200 countries.

How does it work?

Providers pay out an indemnity to soften the impact of the loss incurred by a company. Once the payment arrears is ascertained, the insurers’ experts step in to collect the receivable from your buyer. Insurers implement proven collection techniques in order to maximise the chances for successful collection.

This type of protection is based on a powerful prevention system: Insurers’ experts are working around the globe to analyse the financial strength of companies and anticipate payment arrears. Through this continuous review, lenders provide feedback on part or all of the customer portfolio in a spirit of complementarity and partnership with you.

What are the benefits?

Four good reasons to choose credit insurance

  • Anticipate and resolve payment arrears from a customer.
  • Benefit from the quality and strength of insurers’ prevention.
  • Receive personalised advice from a insurance expert present in your market
  • Focus on growing your business

How can we help you?

The Finance Exchange is an industry leading ABL advisory business, where our expertise is purely focused on aligning your specific business and finance requirements with the right lenders and then helping you to achieve the right terms and facility structures for your business. Given our ‘analytical’ and ‘attention to detail’ approach, we are used to working with management teams and ‘taking the strain.’ with prospective lenders, whilst allowing you to focus on your business.

If you would like our support or have any questions, why not contact us? We are here to help!

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